Conditions of Hire

1. The SMCC reserves the right to refuse requests for hire and/or admission to the Centre facilities to any person or persons.

2. It is a condition of hire of the CCC that St Matthews Parish Church sometimes known as “Cobo Church” and other associated groups may require priority use. In this eventuality the Church will endeavour to give notice of at least one month to regular users and one off bookings. Any hirer so affected will receive a full or partial refund of any deposit or prepayment they may have made. The CCC Management will endeavour to provide an alternative room(s) and/or date/times to those groups or individuals.

3. Where a Hirer uses key entry the Hirer must return the key on the same day as the booking/function takes place.

4. In accordance with current legislation; “The Smoking (Prohibition in Public Places and Workplaces)(Guernsey) Law 2005, smoking is not permitted in any part of the building.

5. Any accident or injury sustained on the premises must be reported to a CCC representative immediately or as soon as possible after the event.

6. The sale of alcohol is not allowed on the premises, unless an “Occasional” or “Temporary” Licence has been obtained and approval given by a CCC representative.

7. No activity or performance that takes place during a function shall infringe any copyright or other intellectual property rights owned by any person without their prior consent.

8. The use of any substance or item such as pins, nails, tacks, hooks, adhesive tape or blue tack on floors, ceilings, windows or painted surfaces is not permitted without the approval of a CCC representative.

9. The Hirer must ensure that in accordance with Fire Safety Regulations all gangways, doorways, stairways, fire exits and other exits and entrances are kept unobstructed at all times.

10. The number of persons permitted in any room must not be exceeded and no overcrowding is permitted. Confirmation of the numbers permitted for any function in any room can be obtained from a CCC representative.

11. Any changes to a hire agreement or any requested variations must be submitted to a CCC representative for consideration. The SMCC reserves the right to refuse or cancel any agreement of hire.

12. No explosives, gas containers, highly flammable substances or materials shall be brought into or used in the premises at any time.

13. Hirers must comply with Health and Safety Regulations and any other relevant local legislation whilst on the premises.

14. The Hirer is only permitted to use the rooms and facilities booked and named in the Hire Agreement.

15. The Hirer is responsible for the effective supervision of the arrangements and activities
in the halls and rooms during the period of hire so as to ensure that no nuisance or annoyance arises. Music sound levels must be kept to a reasonable level.

16. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that those persons attending their events/functions conduct themselves in an orderly manner and have due respect for the building, fittings and others who may be using/hiring rooms or facilities at that time. The SMCC will also reserve the right to ban any person from the building if their behaviour when on the premises is considered to be unacceptable.

17. The Hirer is not permitted to sub-let any room or facility without the permission of a CCC representative.

18. The SMCC and/or a CCC Representative reserve the right to enter the CCC at any time.

19. In order to avoid damage to the wooden flooring in the main halls, the wearing and use of steel tipped shoes, tap dancing shoes, steel studded shoes, roller skates or heelies are not permitted in the building. In addition all users are kindly requested to avoid wearing stiletto type shoes when using the CCC in order to avoid damage to the wooden floors.

20. With the exception of guide dogs and hearing dogs, pets are not permitted in the building unless a CCC representative has given permission.

21. The Hirer is responsible for setting up their own event/function, unless arrangements have been made with a CCC representative for any assistance as may be required.

22. Illegal acts or behaviour not in keeping with the community ethos of the CCC is not permitted on the premises or within the CCC grounds. The SMCC reserves the right to deem what standards are appropriate.

23. The Hirer agrees to indemnify the CCC against all claims in respect of loss of monies or damage to property left on the premises, including the car park and overflow car park, by the Hirer or on his/her behalf during, on, or after the period of hiring. The SMCC accepts no responsibility for any damage or theft from any vehicle or of personal property on the premises or in the car park or overflow car park.

24. The Hirer agrees to pay or refund the cost of making good any damage caused to the building, or to equipment within, appliances, utensils or crockery arising during the period of hire. Losses, breakages or damage to be reported to a CCC representative without delay.

25. If the Hirer wishes to operate any electrical equipment within the CCC, the Hirer must ensure it is safe to use. The CCC reserves the right to insist that certain equipment must be subjected to appropriate testing e.g. high voltage equipment. If equipment is subject to testing, certificates must be made available for inspection by a CCC Representative.

26. No vehicles are to be left in the CCC Car Park or over flow car park overnight without the approval of a CCC representative. Parking in the CCC Car Park is only for those persons working at, visiting or using the CCC facilities at that time

27. No advertising material (notices, posters or banners etc) can be displayed inside or outside the CCC (including the internal notice boards) without the permission of a CCC representative.

28. No computers or games consoles to be operated without adult supervision or the approval of a CCC representative.

29. The use of naked lights (for example candles, night lights or oil lamps) is strictly prohibited in any part of the building, unless prior approval has been given by a CCC representative. In addition, the use of cosmetic smoke machines is not permitted inside the premises at any time.

30. No articles are to be left in the hall or rooms overnight without the approval of a CCC representative.

31. All crockery, utensils, furniture, tables and chairs to be cleaned and returned to their correct storage area. The kitchen area must be left clean and tidy.

32. Rubbish to be placed in appropriate receptacles and must be removed from the premises, there is no bin collection from the CCC and it is vital this is removed. On no account must bags containing rubbish and perishable matter be left outside where animals and birds can break open the bags.

33. The halls and rooms must be vacated at the expiry time of the Hire Agreement (“Final Exit”) and no later than 11.30 p.m., with amplified music turned off no later than 11.00 p.m. unless otherwise agreed with a CCC representative. All windows must be shut and all lights, taps, electric switches and equipment turned off. The doors to the CCC to be locked and the building left secure.